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Conklin-Brittain, Nancy Lou
Wrangham, Richard W.

Relating Chimpanzee Diets to Potential Australopithecine Diets. (Abstract) (Discussion)

Eaton, S. Boyd
Eaton, Stanley B., III

Evolution, Diet and Health. (Abstract) (Discussion)

Larsen, Clark S.
Post-Pleistocene Human Evolution: Bioarchaeology of the Agricultural Transition. (Abstract) (Discussion)

Lee-Thorp, Julia
Sillen, Andrew
Van Der Merwe, Nikolaas

Chemical Signals in Fossils -- New Ways to Assess Hominid Diets: The Swartkrans Example. (Abstract) (Discussion)

Milton, Katherine
Eating What Come Naturally: Examination of Some Differences Between Dietary Components of Humans and Wild Primates. (Abstract) (Discussion)

O'Connell, James
Hawkes, Kristen

Grandmothers, Gathering, and the Evolution of Human Diets. (Abstract) (Discussion)

Rodman, Peter S.
Great Ape Models for the Evolution of Human Diets. (Abstract) (Discussion)

Stinson, Sara
Diet and Child Nutritional Status. (Abstract) (Discussion)

Ungar, Peter S.
Teaford, Mark F.

A Paleontological Perspective on the Evolution of Human Diet. (Abstract) (Discussion)

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