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This database is a subset of the NADB-Reports module which provides data relevant to and largelyNADB-Maps
NADB Permits
contributed by the Bureau of Reclamation. The search engine provides our partners in the Bureau of Reclamation and their cooperators with direct access to their bibliographic data.

In September 2008, two new fields, Prepared By and Submitted To, were added to optimize and provide new opportunities for searching NADB-Reports. Prepared By is the name of the company or organization for which the author of a report works. Submitted To is the name of the organization, such as a federal or state government agency, that contracted for or requested a particular report.

Please read the help before you begin your search. Or click on the Help next to a field name for tips on how to search that field. Remember, most fields take regular search expressions.

A search yields a list of citations. Since a majority of the reports in the database are "gray literature" (unpublished, uncataloged, and have limited circulation), it is important to know where a copy of the report can be found. Therefore, two Results Types are available for your search results. The Standard results type formats each citation in the style of the American Antiquity journal. The Expanded results type also includes the location of the report and the name of the lead agency that sponsored the project. The Expanded format may take a bit longer to download.

The Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) hosts the NADB Online System under a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service. CAST is also responsible for its operation, data uploads, user support, and the addition of new features as funding permits.

The Archeology Program, NPS, coordinates the regular update of the information in NADB-Reports using a number of cooperators, primarily the State Historic Preservation Offices. It also develops and schedules the release of new modules in cooperation with CAST.

CAST CONTACTS: Anne Gisiger, Bob Harris
NPS CONTACT: Terry Childs


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